St Ninian's Primary School

We received an overwhelming response following Alexander's visit to
St Ninian's Primary School (@St_Ninians_PS). On the afternoon of December 19th, he hosted an author's workshop with P7 students focusing on writing a book blurb. He later returned the next day to read the last three chapters to the entire school in the assembly hall.

The school spearheaded several projects relating to his visit, including P1-3 students illustrating their own elves and P4-P6 students creating their own Twitter reviews, as part of the school's initiative to teach digital citizenship.

Below is a sample of some of the students' brilliant creations!

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My favourite part is that he realised that you don’t need to be rich to be happy.
— Chloe
Loved the heartfilling book The Christmas Present by @aasmccabe who came to our school and kindly read his lovely book with a perfect xmas message!
— Nicole
This book is great it is really emotional and teaches that xmas is about spending time with family not about the presents you get!
— Chloe W
I liked the part when the elf shows the boy that money is not important on Christmas it’s about family.
— Amelia
Your book is so sweet. I would totally recommend it for any age. In fact you encouraged me and hopefully others to write a book. I have to say all the chapters were fabulous but one had a special touch...
— Emily
I thought that the chapters left you on a cliffhanger and were amazing. The book let my imagination go wild and the end was fabulous.
— Hamish
I loved the warm hearted ending which nearly broke me to pieces. #mustread !
— Olivia
Awesome book @aasmccabe. You could tell everyone in @ST_NINIANS_PS loved it. Gladys and Gabriel the elf were fun, funny and emotional. Keep writing books and I’ll bet you’ll be alot more famous. #Rememberthecarrot
— Murray
This is the perfect Christmas book...It makes you laugh and make you know that no matter how rich or poor you are you are still the richest in the world if you have love.
— Jack
I totally recommend it to other children because it has a great Christmas feel to it. I like all the cliffhangers.
— Andrew
I love the Christmas present because you never know what’s going to happen and there’s so many clif hangers #bestchristmasbook
— Georgia