Excellent night before Christmas family gift!
There's also a real book with a special snow globe and gift box being planned here.

Bought this book for my Kindle a couple of days ago.

The book is a wonderful, heartwarming story. It is beautifully written and the illustrations are absolutely lovely. I don't want to give too much away about the storyline because you'd be better to read it for yourself. There are 3 main characters in the story and there is a snowglobe......I just love Gladys the Reindeer!!!

The book itself is written in chapters, so it's perfect for bedtime reading with the children or for children who can read to do so on their own. As I'm am adult, I read it in two nights. If I'm honest, I couldn't wait to find out what happened.

I found that when the snowglobe was mentioned in the story, I really wanted to look into it.....really hoping to get a hard copy of the book so the snowglobe is there too.

There is a moral to the story,it gives a lovely message.

The end of the story made me smile.

Seriously, download the book..I think it's a bargain at the cost......I loved it.....I'm sure you and your children will too.

P.s Merry Christmas when it comes 🎄🎄🎄

What a magical tale. This story delights the reader with its unique twist on Christmas. The idea that each person has an elf with the same name is a powerful prospect - one which will inspire adults and children alike. As a teacher i read this story to my pupils - they were spellbound and following every chapter they pleaded for me to read on! Such overwhelming enjoyment from so many for the same book is unusual to find! Although the book doesn't contain pictures this does not detract from the story. The beautiful cover and delightful descriptions ensure the readers imagination can see the story unfolding. As a teacher, the book provides many useful prompts for discussion on useful topics, eg divorce and appreciating what you have. This book is a modern day Scrooge - where the portal to possibility is through a snowglobe - a wonderful idea. I thoroughly recommend this book to adults and children alike - there's still time to order it before Christmas so what are you waiting for!

a Tremendous tale

21 Dec. 2015

This is very different to the usual books I review, as this time I am reviewing on behalf of my sons. The Christmas Present is an endearing tale of a nine (almost ten) year old boy, living with his mother while his father lives with his new wife and step children. Having very little money Gabriel is disgruntled with life, he thinks he is too old to still believe in Santa Claus and he feels every other child is having a better Chrismas than him, and so decides to set off for his father's house to live with them. En route he is met by his very own elf accompanied by Rudolf, Gabriel the elf takes him inside a snow globe and on a journey that proves to him that Christmas really isn't about how much money the presents cost or how many of them there are sitting under the tree and that he truly is a very lucky little boy.

This book is simply fantastic. It has a wonderful Christmas enchantment about it while at the same time delivering a very important message. The author has created a story that bridges the ages with it's layers, for my youngest child the appeal was all in the humour and the never ending supply of drool provided by Rudolf, whereas my older son really understood the message that was being portrayed. Although they both took something different from the story, the wide-eyed anticipation confirmed their full enjoyment from both ends of the spectrum. This is a book that can be read Christmas after Christmas and the child will get a little more from the story each year. Not to mention, being a great reminder for the parents of what Christmas is really all about.

I have a hard copy of this book with no illustrations. But that did not stop my enjoyment of reading this uplifting & heartwarming story. I can't wait until our Grandchildren arrive for Christmas and I can read them this as their Christmas Eve bedtime story. I'm sure their imaginations will conjure up the most wondrous images ever. I would adore a hardback copy of this book along with illustrations (and the snow globe Alexander lol). Something for every Christmas time.

My child read The Christmas Present by Alexander McCabe. She thinks it's really good. Her favourite character was Gabriel the Elf and how the story was in his imagination. She thinks children aged 5-12 would like it. People who believe in Santa or Rudolph and Elves would like it. 11 out of 19 people in our classes liked, who would not like their own elf and Rudolph? Jessica age 10

This book is about a nine year old boy called Gabriel who didn’t believe in Santa. However, Gabriel the Elf and Rudolph came to help him to believe in Santa again.

I liked the book the Christmas Present by Alexander McCabe. I’d give the book a 7/10. The front cover was cool but there could have been more pictures. My favourite character is Rudolph because he is funny. I think this book would be suitable for ages five to ten. It was the best book I ever read!

I loved it-I'd give it 10/10. I recommend it for ages 8-11. If it had some pictures for the littler ones to show them whats happening they would like it too. My favourite characters were Rudolph and Gabriel the elf because Rudolph was constantly drooling on Gabriel the elf. I think it's the best book ever!

amazin Book

21 Dec. 2015

I would give this book 10/10. I think this book is suitable for ages 8-11. It was good but could have more pictures - is it true?